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getting rid of Foreign Archive Logs

Recently I ran the following query to see what was occupying the flash recovery area

select file_type, space_used*percent_space_used/100/1024/1024 used,
space_reclaimable*percent_space_reclaimable/100/1024/1024 reclaimable,frau.number_of_files
from v$recovery_file_dest rfd, v$flash_recovery_area_usage frau;


These foreign archive logs were from a previous incarnation of the database so how do we delete them as they were no longer needed 

 using RMAN

RMAN> crosscheck foreign archivelog all;

RMAN> delete expired foreign archivelog all;

Foreign archived log files are usually created if a database is mining redo logs of foreign database such as a logical standby database or a Streams database. These foreign archived log files will be purged once the mining is completed by the streams process. If there are issues with mining and it did not proceed, then these archivelogs are kept in FRA. However, a user can choose to override that and delete it using the following RMAN command:

RMAN>  delete foreign archivelog all;
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