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SCAN Setup for Oracle 11g Release2(11gR2) RAC implementation

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Useful document about SCAN and how to modify scan name and port

SCAN Setup for Oracle 11g Release2(11gR2) RAC implementation.


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deinstall/disable a specific licensable option from already installed Oracle Database 11gR2 Home

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If you are running 11gr2 you can disable some licensable options that are enabled by default by running the following

chopt [ enable | disable] db_option

The possible values for db_option are described in the following table:
dm                Oracle Data Mining RDBMS Files
dv                Oracle Database Vault
lbac              Oracle Label Security
olap              Oracle  OLAP
partitioning      Oracle Partitioning
rat               Oracle Real Application Testing

For example, to enable the Oracle Label Security option in your Oracle binary files, stop the database, run the following command, and start the database.

chopt enable rat

with Oracle RAC if you have the Oracle homes installed locally you will have to run the above on all nodes in the cluster after the databases have been shutdown
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