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create ssh trust between HP-UX and Tru64


su - oracle

cd .ssh

ssh-keygen -t dsa

ssh-keygen -e -f id_dsa.pub > id_dsa2_`hostname`.pub

cat id_dsa2_`hostname`.pub

On Tru64

su - oracle

cd .ssh2

vi id_dsa2_<hp-ux-servername>.pub

Copy and paste the output of the cat id_dsa2_`hostname`.pub command from hp-ux in to this file and save it

echo "Key id_dsa2_<hp-ux-servername>.pub" >> authorization

This should allow login to tru64 from hp-ux without prompting you for a password. However scp wont work due to the incompatibilities between hp-ux and Tru64.

If you need to transfer files you can use sftp but it no good if you want to tranfer directories and subdirectories. The way round it is to do the following

If you have secure shell (ssh) access to both hosts, there is a pretty easy way to move an entire directory structure from host A to host B in one line:

from host A:
tar -cf - directory | ssh user@hostB "cd target_dir; tar -xf -"

Where directory is the directory you want to move and target_dir is the destination directory on the remote host.</div>

Another option would be to setup rsync

rsync -aE -e ssh directory user@hostB:target_dir

or from hostB

rsync -aE -e ssh user@hostA:directory target_dir

You can also use the z (--compress) switch to rsync if network throughput is an issue.

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