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useful explaination of materialized views

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confirm all dictionary components are valid and no invalid (sys/system) objects.

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-- registry status:
set lines 90
col version for a12
col comp_id for a8
col schema like version
col comp_name format a35
col status for a12
select comp_id,schema,status,version,comp_name from dba_registry order by 1;

-- invalid objects:
set lines 120
col status for a9
col object_type for a20;
col owner.object for a50
select status, object_id, object_type, owner||'.'||object_name "OWNER.OBJECT"
 from dba_objects
where status != 'VALID' and object_name not like 'BIN$%' order by 4,2;

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/bin/rm: Argument list too long.

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Guess rm cant handle more than 1024 arguments


Filename with no spaces 
find . -name '*.aud' | xargs rm 
Filename with spaces 
find . -name '*.aud' -print0 | xargs -0 rm
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