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Kill all Oracle sessions

set pagesize 0
spool kill_all.sql
select 'alter system kill session '''||sess.sid||', '||sess.serial#||''';' from v$session sess where username = 'OLASADM';
spool off
spool kill_all.log
spool off
ps -ef |grep AEGDWHPR | grep NO | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9 
SELECT c.sid, c.serial#, p.spid,
'ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION '''||c.sid||', '||c.serial#||
''' IMMEDIATE;' as ''KILL in ORACLE'',
'kill -9 '||p.spid as ''KILL in UNIX '',
c.STATUS, c.program, c.osuser,  c.machine, c.process, c.username
sys.v_$session c,
sys.v_$process p,
sys.user$ u
WHERE c.paddr = p.addr
AND u.user# = c.user#
AND c.username is not null
ORDER BY c.sid
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